Friday, September 3, 2010

No corner for me

When I had originally started this blog, I wanted it to be geared around my special needs kids and their antics. Then it hit me… can’t put baby in a box!!

As time has gone by I realize that I don’t really look at my children as the proverbial “special needs child”. Yes, they are Autistic but that’s not the end all and be all of who they are.

I have always treated them just like any other kid. Yes, I do have accommodations that I have to incorporate occasionally. Chase can’t tolerate the smells of public bathrooms….so we go before we leave home. Jazmine doesn’t like crowds and loud noises….so we avoid being in the mall for too long so she won’t shut down.

But the list of things I want and expect from them is a lot longer than their accommodations. I expect respect for me as well as their siblings and all adults. I expect them to do their homework, get good grades in school, follow instructions given, eat their vegetables and clean their rooms. You know….typical, everyday kid stuff.

I am here to guide them into being productive, tax paying, and living on their own citizens.

The ones that occasionally invite mom over for a home cooked meal that mom didn’t have to prepare!

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  1. No box for you - or your kids! What a wonderful job you do with all of them!

    Winks & Smiles,