Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clueless Casanova

I have learned that clueless men were once clueless little boys.

A few days ago I was volunteering at the elementary school and decided to wait for the kids so they could ride home with me instead of them riding the bus.

Well my 9 year old son came bouncing down the hall carrying only his jacket. When he noticed me he broke into a huge grin and started towards me. I noticed that he wasn’t pulling his rolling back pack behind him. When I asked him where it was he said “Oh, that girl is carrying it for me.” He didn't even know the girls name!!

First of all that raised a couple of questions in my eyes. Why was this girl carrying something for a boy? (Where was her self-esteem? Didn't she know that was inappropriate? Didn't her mom teach her that the BOY should be carrying HER stuff and not the other way around?) and second, why didn’t he realize that she liked him?!

This is a classic case of girls maturing faster than boys! My little Casanova was clueless to what constituted as flirting for a fourth grader.

When I tried to press him as to why was she pulling his backpack for him, he just kept responding that the girl wanted to carry his backpack for him.

Well…….lets make sure that’s all she wants!

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