Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Duck Walk

I have a curiosity gene. Usually for most subjects I can keep that gene in check or search the web for answers, but there is something I am curious about that in my world, the answers can't be found and the Internet isn't very helpful.

Why do young men wear pants that are so big that they have to hold them when they walk? I mean do they try to look like ducks? And if so, when did walking like a duck become cute? When did the fashion Gods deem it acceptable to show your underwear?

Well we were down town yesterday and there were a group of young kids (I almost typed youngsters but didn't want to date myself too much!) sitting beside us. This one particular young man had on the requisite baggy pants, black boxers, and red bandanna on his head.

I'm curious to know if he is aware of the origin of the style he is wearing. That in prison it was a way of communicating that you were available sexually to the other inmates. That it meant easy access. I wondered if he realized how some people look and ultimately judge him based on his attire. I wondered how his parents feel about how he dresses and its perception as well.

I watched him for a little while and overheard some of his conversation. He seemed to be well spoken....but there was a lot of slang and cursing peppering his language. I was trying to gage how open I though he would be to me asking such personal questions.

He had some friend with him, but Red Bandanna Kid was sitting within arms reach of me. His friend left his side to wonder off to make a phone call. Finally,the opportunity presented itself.

I mustered the courage to ask him why. Why do you wear your pants so baggy and show your underwear? Why do you have to wear them so big that you have to hold them at the waist so they won't fall down?

His response..." 'cause it's fly and sh*t!"

Well....there you have it!


  1. ROTF!!! Great post. I was reading in anticipation of some insider information on the whole "pants on the ground" style, but what I got was even better. So simple: cuz it's fly and sh*t. I LOVE IT!

  2. LMAO! Oh, you got me. Too funny.

    Winks & Smiles,